Strict adherence to rules of discipline is necessary during the festive season - Chief Nurse of the National Hospital, Pushpa Ramyani De Soysa

Chief Nurse of the National Hospital, Pushpa Ramyani De Soysa said to the Official Government News Portal, as 85% of all accidents are caused by the carelessness of people, every individual should strictly adhere and respect the rules of disciplines during the New Year season.

While highlighting the accidents that can increase during the festival season as road accidents, accidents at home, acts of violence, sports accidents, firework accidents and etc. Mrs. Pushpa De Soysa further notified that if people refrain from the consumption of alcohol, some of these accidents could be minimized.

She further added that sports events should be organized and carried out while following the Covid-19 guidelines and that people should not engage in any sports that are unsuitable for them in order to avoid injuries caused due to different health conditions.

Moreover, the Chief Nurse of the National Hospital warned the public not to light up fireworks by hand and requested the elders to keep the fireworks away from children to avoid accidents related to fireworks.

She further emphasized that it is necessary to use standard fireworks and to avoid lighting them up towards the direction of houses, vehicles, pets or any individuals.