I will not hesitate to protect migrant workers - Minister Thalatha Athukorala

Minister of Foreign Employment Thalatha Athukorala said that a decision will be taken regarding the countries that are not providing protection, safety, and welfare for Sri Lanka migrant workers and she would not hesitate to curb sending them to those countries.

She was addressing a compensation granting ceremony for migrant workers at the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment held yesterday.
“As the Bureau, we are fully dedicated to ensure the well-being of our migrant workers. During this year, the Bureau has granted over 25 million for victimized migrant workers and we should remember the assistance extended by the Embassies to grant these compensations”, she said and as the minister she requested from those who are leaving for foreign employments to get registered with the Bureau and thereby obtain all the benefits given for them.

Minister Athukorala further said that some are working in non Middle East countries such as Korea, Malaysia, and Israel illegally stay there even after the agreements are over. Then the vacancies received for more Sri Lankans reduce and this is not a good situation for the country. If they are not returning to the country within the due time period they have to face many problems. So everyone should work keeping their responsibility in mind. “I will not hesitate to take any decision for the protection of Sri Lankan workers”, she added.