Prime Minister met European Parliament to get GSP+

Yesterday, Hon. Ranil and team met with various representative parties of the European Parliament, to discuss the GSP+ relief and the spaces for support and assistance for Sri Lanka.

SL team presented the measures taken to uphold and strengthen the fields of good governance, social justice, democracy, human rights, and reconciliation, and pointed out that on this premise, the GSP+ concession should be availed towards the Country.

Discussions were first held with the Parliamentary representatives of the European People’s Party (EPP), and the delegation was led by Mr. Jacek Saryusz-Wolski – Member of the Committee of Foreign Affairs and Chair of its Working Group.

Our team also met and exchanged ideas with Mr. Christofer Fjellner – Vice Coordinator, Committee on International Trade, and its members, as well as Mr. Manfred Weber – Chairman, European People’s Party.

Sri Lanka delegation went on to meet with the Friends of Sri Lanka Group in the EU Parliament and its Chairman Mr. Geoffrey Van Orden, who hosted the group for lunch thereafter.

They not only requested that Sri Lanka ensures the continuation of good governance, democracy, social justice, and reconciliation, but also called for speedy action to eliminate pollution with the Island. They said that upon such a social environment, they would be able to show their support towards Sri Lanka in reinstating the GSP+ relief.

Members of the European Parliament emphasized that although a positive response towards reinstating the GSP+ has been shown by the European Union, Sri Lanka should be aware of any further challenges that could be posed therein.

However, they went on to say that they would provide their full cooperation in assisting Sri Lanka to overcome the said challenges.