An Online Service to Exchange Drugs Between Hospitals

At a ceremony to mark the opening of the Sports Medicines Unit, the newly constructed Nurses Quarters, the JMO office and the Eye clinic at the Kandy General Hospital, Health Minister Rajitha Senarathna said that all the Private hospital charges for surgeries, medical tests, scanning and drugs will be regulated by pricing formula making it affordable to the rich and the middle class while the National Medicinal Drugs Policy will introduced within six months.
He also added that “After I was entrusted with the Health portfolio, I carried out a study on drug shortage and I found that 80 diversities of drugs are in short supply at government hospitals at any given time. Then I took a deeper look at the issue, I understood that when there is a shortage of a drug at a hospital, a large stocks of the same drug is available at another hospital. But the issue then becomes huge when the media gives wide publicity but nothing is said about the excessive amount of the same drug available at another hospital”
He further said “We will be setting up a hot line for the convenience of hospital directors to contact the Medical Supply Division (MSD) to obtain drugs at any given time of the day and introduced an online service to exchange drugs between hospitals.”
He said the Health Ministry would be further decentralized and many of the institutions that come under the Health Ministry would be given to the line ministries under the Provincial Councils.
Central Province Chief Minister Sarath Ekanayaka, Central Province Governor Neluka Ekanayaka and Kandy General Hospital Director Dr. R.M.S. Ratnayaka were also present at the ceremony.