Sri Lanka on the correct path - New Zealand Prime Minister John Key

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key stated that Sri Lanka's constitutional reform, including the national reconciliation program would come under New Zealand’ evaluation. He further said that the Sri Lankan Government under the leadership of President Maithripala Sirisena, was on the correct path to making progress as a peaceful Government, on the journey towards a developed Nation.

Following the bilateral talks held at the Premier House in Auckland this morning, Hon. John Key addressed the media after thereafter and made a statement that the Nation of New Zealand would work closely to provide full Sri Lanka with full cooperation in the avenues of Agriculture, Animal Farming, Education, a number of other fields including developing the sports of Rugby and Cricket.

The New Zealand Prime Minister went on to say that he greatly appreciated the active contribution from the Government of Sri Lanka with regards to Regional and International Forums, and due to this, he very much looked forward to implementing the forthcoming agreements between both Nations.

Speaking at this address Hon. Ranil Wickremesinghe  pointed out that entering into Bilateral Agreements with several Nations would not only be a strong basis upon which a Country could build its development goals, but that entering into and implementing up to even one-hundred such agreements would reap positive win-win benefits for all the Nations involved.

In making the new Legislation of Sri Lanka, the focus has largely been the Mixed-Member Proportional system (MMP) which has been operating successfully in New Zealand since 1996. Therefore in this matter, I hope to organize for Sri Lankan Parliamentarians to attend a study tour of New Zealand, as well as organize for several members of the New Zealand Parliament to conduct workshops in Sri Lanka therein, so that in-depth awareness of this system may be created.

Closing this address Ranil Wickremesinghe stated that while He hoped to obtain the expertise of New Zealand in regard to protecting the local flora, and improving the animal welfare and conservation strategies, I further hoped that by the year 2050, Sri Lanka would once more attain the supreme status it once commanded in ancient times and become a Primary Regional Stakeholder, and emphasized that He would strive to achieve this goal.