PM Ranil addressed the China Entrepreneurs Forum

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe addressed the China Entrepreneurs Forum held at the Hilton hotel in Shenzhen city.

As the South Asian Market will lay claim to the most developed economy and largest market space in the near future, He addressed the gathering stating that the Asian economic powers should take the necessary steps to provide products and services to targeted industries.

Furthermore, PM requested the entrepreneurs of Shenzhen city who were gathered at the Forum, to keep in mind and take full advantage of Sri Lanka's unique geographical location and economic ambitions when implementing long-term strategies for the acquisition and creation of new markets around the Indian Ocean.

Addressing the conference, the Chinese Ambassador to Sri Lanka Hon. Yi Xianliang stated that over the course of the last year and a half, under the direction of President Sirisena and PM Ranil, Sri Lanka had entered into a number of important economic decisions. Therefore, Hon. Xianliang stated that this tour would be the basis of creating a strong foundation for the next generation of China - Sri Lanka relationships.

The China Entrepreneurs Forum organized by the China Merchant Company saw an attendance of 30 representatives of China's leading industrial companies.