Buddhism answer to growing violence - PM Modi

Vesak is a day to contemplate about the 'dasa paramitha' said Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi.

He made these comments addressing the 14th United Nations Day of Vesak and World Buddhist Summit today (12th May 2017) at the BMICH.Vesak is most sacred day to rejoice in Buddha. It is a day of significance for Sri Lanka,India and the world over.
Our region is blessed to give the gift of buddha and his teachings to the world. Buddhism is depicted in our culture,governance and philosophy.
PM Modi said " We are commited to the economic prosperity of Sri Lanka
" He was of the view that the free flow of investment should be for the mutual benefit of both countries. An aid package of $ 2.6 billion in 10 areas including transportation energy will be given.
PM Modi assured that you will find a friend in India.
Themes of social justice and world peace are deeply interconnected,he said.
According to PM Modi the biggest challenge today are the thoughts of hate and violence.Buddhism is the answer to growing violence. India and Sri Lanka will uphold the Buddhas teaching compassion.
From August Air India will fly between Sri Lanka and Varanasi sthereby supporting Buddhists to worship 'Baranasa Isipathanaramaya' and Hindus can worship lord Shiva.