ĎAdverse weather affects over 69,583 personsí

Over 69,583 persons in 17,303 families have been affected with the adverse weather. Twelve persons have died, while 18 persons had sustained injuries, Irrigation and Water Resources and Disaster Management State Minister Palitha Range Bandara said in Parliament yesterday.“Rs.100,000 is paid as compensation for a death and cooked foods and other essential items is distributed using funds released to the District Secretaries.

An advance of Rs.10,000 is paid per family to repair their damaged houses under a part of the insurance scheme. A damage assessment committee was appointed to look into the damage and Rs. 2.5 million will be paid per a damaged house.
Small and medium scale businesses with a turnover of less than Rs.10 million will receive Rs.2.5 million for damaged stocks and Rs.100,000 for machines damaged. These are the ceilings set for compensation, “ he said. The Minister said that several reservoirs are under construction in key river basins to retain flood waters for agriculture.
He said the government commenced building reservoirs and dams in key river valleys as a long term measure to control the floods. The water collected from each of these irrigation projects will be channeled to dry zones for agriculture and other purposes, he said.
“A key study was carried out on the Kelani River and discussions were held with the Japanese government for a project.We will use the expert knowledge and recommendations from local and foreign experts. The Malwathu Oya project, the third largest reservoir project in the country, will be set up in Thanthirimale,” the Minister said.He cautioned that the average temperature is projected to increase by 2 degrees by 2020 and longer and more frequent droughts and high winds will hit the country. That will result in a water scarcity in 2050, he said.