PM calls for more stringent laws pertaining to plastic waste

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe brought under the consideration of the Central Environmental Authority (CEA) that laws pertaining to plastic waste should be further strengthened. Responding to queries raised by MP Hesha Withanage about factories that dispose plastic materials to the environment without following a proper system, the Prime Minister said the National Environmental Act does not recognize the factory that collects and stores plastic materials as a cause for environment pollution.

He further said that it was not necessary for them to obtain an environment protection license. They need not obtain any regulations from CEA when plastic materials are stored, but a business license is necessary.

“But factories that recycle plastic material should obtain an environment protection license. The CEA would take legal action against factories that recycle plastic materials without a license, while the CEA would look into factories that disperse waste water to water bodies, as they have the power to take legal action when required,” he said.

Speaking about pollution to the drinking water bodies, the Prime Minister said that already measures have been taken to provide free sample testing to those water bodies if a complaint is made to the CEA.