Special Commission to probe salary issues assembles today

Special Commission appointed to make recommendations to provide solutions to minimize salary anomalies in the Public Service while focusing on the existing salary circulars in relation to the salaries and allowances of the Public Service is assemble today.The meeting, presided by the President Maithripala Sirisena, held this morning (27th).

Preesident Maithripala Sirisena proclaimed the establishment of this Special Commission, according to a decision taken at the Cabinet on 14th August 2018.The Commission, comprised of 15 members, is chaired by Mr. S. Ranugge, while Mr. H.G. Sumanasinghe is appointed the Secretary to the Commission.

Each member will be assigned a relevant subject matter at this meeting and the measures that should be taken to solve the salary issues will also be reviewed today.The Commission was appointed on August 20 for a two-month period and during this time period it is slated to submit proposals to the President for solving the salary issues. Meanwhile, the railway trade unions have decided to launch another strike action on August 29 fro from midnight.