Minister appreciates work of Health TUs

Health and Indigenous Medicine Dr. Rajitha Senaratne said that bureaucratic management within the Health Ministry is a major problem. The Minister made this observation yesterday participating at a May Day event organised by the Health Sector trade unions.

Minster Senaratne said he appreciated the health trade unions for getting together to fight for the rights of workers irrespective of their political differences. "Health trade unions had different views on the SAITM issue and it was impossible to make them all agree to one solution. It is a really healthy sign to see all health trade unions getting together to fight for a common cause," he said.

Minister Senaratne said that he always tried his best to implement the proposals made by the trade unions. "I could not implement some requests due to the prevailing bureaucracy with in the ministry. It is a problem for me as well. Bureaucratic management is a barrier to the progress of the health sector. Some officers do not deliver a satisfactory service,"the Minister said.

Minister Senaratne further emphasised the need to defeat the prevailing bureaucracy. "I will take the responsibility regarding the decisions that I make. I am not scared to do that. I will always take initiatives to implement the requests made by the trade unions.But, the decisions that are made cannot be efficiently implemented without the support of the Ministry officials," he said.a