Government not hesitate to take steps behalf of people says President

President Maithripala Sirisena says that whatsoever the criticisms may occur, every positive step will be taken on behalf of the people and the country.The President stated this addressing the State Vesak Festival held at Kurunegala Bingiriya Devagiri Rajamahaviharaya.

The 2562 B.C. State Vesak Festival was held under the patronage of the President giving prominence to spiritual growth.Addressing the celebration President further stated that as he has mentioned before, all the duties will be conducted as a government in accordance with the advices of the Maha Sangha.

He added that the advice and guidance of the Mahasangha is of high value while the work is conducted with a clear understanding of the socio economic issues of the country and finding solutions for them.The President assured the Maha Sangha that the government will dedicate towards the progress of Buddhist order and of Maha Sangha in the future too.A speical stamp was issued to mark the State Vesak Festival.

Grants were presented by President Sirisena for the development of Dhamma schools and temples of the Kurunegala district.Scholaraships were offered to the students of Dhamma school of districts under the sponsorship of Diyawadana Nilamae of Dalada Maligawa in the presence of the President during this event.The Chief Incumbent of Bingiriya Devaraja Rajamahavihara Sathkoralae Mahadisa Ven.Malagane Aththadassi Thero offered a token of appreication to the President.The new entrance of Bingiriya Rajamahavihara was opened by the President today. Tri Nikayas Maha Sangha, Minister of Buddha Sasana, Gamini Jayawickrama Perera and other ministers and Buddhists devotees were present at this religious ceremony.