Buddha’s teachings resolve all problems: President

“Gauthama Buddha's message amply gives us solutions to all existing problems. Therefore, I will implement the policies of the Government according to the guidance of the Maha Sangha," President Maithripala Sirisena said.He was speaking at the State Vesak Festival-2018 held at the Bingiriya Devagiri Raja Maha Viharaya in the Kurunegala District.

The President said that as pointed out by the Deputy Prelate of Malwatta Chapter today, he would implement the recommendations of the Buddhist Commissions appointed by the previous Executive Presidents to establish a peaceful country based on the Buddhist Teachings. "Unfortunately, our social media platforms highlight several existing problems in our country to show that they are only seen in Sri Lanka. But those are common almost in all other countries," the President said.

"Even for drinking, people have no water. People of some parts in India too suffer without water. We should have self-confidence to face and overcome the challenges come across on our way. During the past three and half years, I have been taking a number of steps to materialise the wishes of the Maha Sangha and the peace-loving people of this country and to establish a just and meaningful society for the citizens," the President said.

Malwatta Chapter Deputy Chief Prelate Most Ven. Niyangoda Vijithasiri Nayaka Thera recalling the State Vesak Festival-2017 held in Sri Lanka said many distinguished guests of foreign countries took part in the festival last year under the guidance of President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe.

"At that occasion, it was decided to propagate the Theravada Buddhism and the sacred Teachings of the Gauthama Buddha all over the world. The responsibility of the Chief Prelates, President and the Prime Minister is to rule the country by following the noble Buddhist Teachings," the Thera said.

The Thera said a lot of controversial ideologies were spreading now over the proposed new Constitution. "Several Chief Prelates have already expressed their views over that matter. A far-sighted decision has to be made by the present rulers whether a new constitution is needed. Very reasonable and independent legal judgments must be taken on those responsible for unfortunate incidents in the Digana areas,” the Thera said.

Kelaniya University Chancellor and All Sri Lanka Saranarakshaka Mandalaya Chairman Most Ven. Dr. Welamitiya Kusumala Dhamma NayakeThera said the citizens should follow their religious teachings and the Buddhists in Sri Lanka should follow the Five Precepts properly. "Students of Buddhist Dhamma schools should be taught to follow Buddhist principles. It is our duty to safeguard the land that was protected for us by our ancient kings, the Thera said.

Buddhasana Minister Gamini Jayawickrama Perera said that many meaningful Buddhist programmes would be launched during this year to educate students and the youth on Buddhist teachings. "Under the guidance of the Maha Sangha, I will implement a lot of Dhamma education programmes and meditation programmes this year to equip the people with positive attitudes,” the Minister said.

NWP-PC Governor Cultural Minister S.B.Nawinna, Postal Services Minister M.H.A. Haleem, NWP-PC Chief Minister Dharmasiri Dassanayake, Kurunegala District UNP Parliamentarian Nalin Bandara, Buddha Sasana Ministry Secretary Chandrapema Gamage, and Commissioner General of Buddhist Affairs Nimal Kotawalagedara were present.