JVP requests for report whether Buddhist philosophy has any connections with soothsaying

The JVP yesterday, requested the Buddhasasana Ministry to submit a report to Parliament, stating whether the Buddhist philosophy had anything to do with soothsaying and other mythical concepts as some engaged in those practices often imply, MP Bimal Rathnayake said.
“Today, some people claim that they are involved in soothsaying activities with the blessings of Buddhism. Some people even promise to help infertile women to have children and also help students pass various examinations with the blessings of Buddhism. There are plenty of such stories,” Rathnayake said.
The JVP MP said true Buddhist philosophy of Lord Buddha has been distorted to a great extent by those involved in such mythical practices.
“I have studied Buddhism in school. As we are aware, The Buddha had never preached such things. Therefore, I request the Buddhasasana Minister to appoint a committee compromising of intellectuals on Buddhist philosophy and prepare a report on the matter and tell us if there was any relations between these activities and Buddhism,” he requested. As Buddhasasana Minister Gamini Jayawichrema Perera was not present, the Chief Government Whip and Minister Gayantha Karunathilaka said that he would direct Rathnayake’s request to the minister.