Top best O/L results LIST

The All Island best result scores for the GCE O/L examination 2017 had girls dominate the list with five out of six who came in first being girls.
S.M. Kasuni Hansika Thathsarani Senavirathne and A. Chamodi Ravisa Subasinghe from Rathnavali Balika Maha Vidyalaya, Gampaha, Navodya Prabhavi Ranasinghe from Girls’ High School, Kandy, Limasha Amandi Divyanjana Wimalaweera from Mahamaya Balika Vidyalaya, Kandy, M.P. Randi Lakpriya from Sujatha Vidyalaya, Matara and A.M.A. Kavisha Prabhath from Sivali Central College, Ratnapura tied in for first place in the country for the best O/L results. Wimalaweera from Mahamaya is known to excel in both extra-curricular as well as academia and she had entered Mahamaya having scored 185 from the Wayamba Royal College.
She has won all island school colours and is the President of the school Science Society. In addition Wimalaweera competed in a knowledge pentathlon and won first place in that.
Her father, Uditha Wimalaweera is a businessman and her mother is an Assistant Principal at St John’s College in Kurunegala.
She wishes to pursue her future studies in the biology stream.
“It is my ambition to study medicine and become a doctor,”said the jubilant 16-year-old Randi Lakpriya yesterday morning. Lakpriya, a student of Sujatha Vidyalaya, Matara had her primary education at Vijitha Central College Dikwella and scored 178 marks at the grade five scholarship examination to gain admission to Sujatha Vidyalaya.
“I did my school work each day and had sufficient time to perform my duties as a prefect and a girl scout” she said.
Lakpriya’s parents are both government servants and her father is attached to the Divisional Secretariat Dikwella while her mother works at the Central Environmental Authority’s office at Koggala.
The only boy in the list, Prabhath said his ambition was to become an engineer and serve the country.
A resident of Lellupitiya, Ratnapura, his parents work as nurses at the Ratnapura Base Hospital.
He had studied at the Ratnapura Ferguson High School until Grade 5 and entered Seevali through his scholarship exam.
Ranasinghe from Kandy Girls’ High School who is also on the list had her primary education at Peradeniya Sarasavi Uyana Maha Vidyalaya. She scored 174 at her scholarship exam to enter High School.
Ranasinghe lives in Gelioya, and her father is an engineer in the Minipe Irrigation Channel Development Project and her mother is a Dentist at the Nawalapitiya Base Hospital. She is the eldest in her family.
Since coming to High School in 2012, she has won first place in every exam.
Rathnavali Balika Maha Vidyalaya, Gampaha had two students winning the all island first, one of them became first in the English medium whilst the other was from the Sinhala medium
S.M.Kasuni Hansika Thathsarani Senavirathne won all island first in the English medium while A.Chamodi Ravisa Subasinghe came on top in the Sinhala medium.
Senavirathne said she had studied from Grade 1 to 5 at the Gampaha Sumedha Vidyalaya and came to Seevali after her scholarship exam.
She also excels in netball, football, swimming and she hopes to become an engineer someday.
Subasinghe had also come to Seevali through the Grade 5 Scholarship exam from Bolawatte Hitipitiya Primary School. She too wished to become an engineer. They thanked their teachers and parents for their support.