PM emphasizes government's commitment for reconciliation and unity

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe says that the government of good governance led by President Maithripala Sirisena is committed to create unity among people of this country while establishing reconciliation.He made these comments at a meeting held in Colombo on Tuesday with the district secretaries of all districts under the patronage of the Prime Minister. The attention of the meeting centered on development projects which were carried out at district level last year and the projects scheduled to be implemented in the future.

Speaking at the gathering, the Prime Minister said that the Sinhala Hindu New Year festival and the Vesak festival will be held in the month of April and as such the success of these festivals rest on the hands of the district secretaries.

He said from April 1st week programs on reconciliation will be held as both Sinhala and Hindu communities prepare for the New Year festivities on April 14th. He emphasized that the President and the government are committed to bring about reconciliation and halting violence uniting the people of the country.

The premier further said that Buddhist, Islam, Hindu and Christian people should respect each other's religions as much as their own. Although the majority is Buddhists other religions are recognized as well. Priority should not be given to one religion and harassment and troubles should not be made for other religions. And the right to follow their faith should be provided to everyone.