Local Government Institutions to be incoroporated from today

Establishment of Local Government Institutions will commence from today (20) and accordingly, local government bodies could be established within a month from today, the Ministry of Provincial Councils and Local Governments said.

Political parties and independent groups that won the local government polls on February 10 are able to establish local government bodies. According to the Ministry of Provincial Councils and Local Governments, term of the 8356 elected members of 340 local government bodies will commence from today.

A leader of a party or group which has gained more than 50 percent votes in the election will be appointed as the Chairman or Mayor of the Local Government Authority.The day of the first meeting of the Local Government body will be decided by the Chairman or Mayor today. A Ministry official said.

However, for Local Government bodies which do not have a party or a group with more than 50 percent vote, the Commissioners of Local Governments have the power to hold a vote to decide on the mayor or chairman, the official said. The ministry's official said that for such councils, Local Government Commissioners will decide the date of the first meeting of the councils.

The Election Commission meanwhile said that 169 of the 340 local government bodies that have been elected do not have a 50 percent of votes for one party or an independent group.The Ministry said that number of members of local government bodies could exceed 8,356 when members are appointed through the additional list.