Viber ban lifted

The government had taken steps to lift the temporarily restriction imposed on vayibar social network (Viber) from yesterday midnight Sudarshana Gunawardhana, Director General of Government Information revealed.

Government has taken this step difficulties faced by people particularly, Sri Lankan workers in abroad, business community, and tourists issuing special statement the Director General added.

The statement further states that recently, when in violent incidents that had occurred in some of the country, for the control of certain parties by the use of social media networks to illegally organize and hate and racist statements spread to any violence in the public, who by the government to impose censorship temporary on some social media was.

After the imposition of censorship on social media, and the violence spread rapidly to ease the mood, and reported that the security situation is getting back to the good of the country. To take legal action against those involved in anti-social and illegal activities using the media release said.

Here, in particular, foreign workers to the government are considered sympathetically about the difficulties faced in communicating with their homes. Moreover, the business community, travelers to Sri Lanka, the government's focus has been on small and medium level businessmen’s difficulties that have occurred in the last few days due to censorship. Considering the facts, as the first step, vayibar social network (Viber) The government has decided to give back to the access has been temporarily restricted from midnight today.