No country could develop without stability, unity: PM

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe yesterday said that no country could reach development without stability and unity.The Prime Minister was speaking at a programme held by the Organizations of Professionals Association in Colombo under the theme of Future of Sri Lanka.

He said the country is yet to achieve that unity. The Prime Minister added that the incident that took place yesterday and the one that took place three days back demonstrate the importance of unity.There is no single formula for unity and unity is key, he said He said India is the closest example where unity is ensured amidst various difficulties.He stressed that there should be unity between all ethnic communities in the country as unity leads to stability.

The Prime Minister said the country needs to make maximum use of its human resources, and more employment avenues should be created as ageing population is on the rise. He said that many people are worried about Free Trade Agreements, but the country will certainly benefit by them. “We have GSP+ with the Europe, and We are deepening our FTAs with India into Economic Technology Cooperation Agreement,” he said