Government's aim is to create a generation capable of defeating tribal views - Minister

Minister of Finance and Mass Media, Mangala Samaraweera says that the aim of the government is to create a young generation capable of winning a modern world through defeating tribal views and the development of a country means that the younger generation go forward in education.

Speaking at the opening of the new student dormitory of St. Thomas Girls High School in Matara and laying foundation stone for a new four storied building, today, the Minister said the country needs a society that could work with a "straight back".

"When I arrived here in the morning, I believe a prefect gave me a sheaf betel leaves and worshipped. I do not think this should happen. We should not bow down to power. Worship your religious leaders, clergy, parents, and teachers. That's enough. No need to worship the chairman of the Pradeshiya Sabha, or a MP or a cabinet Minister. How do you know what wrong things I do when I go home? Therefore, respect the people who deserve the respect," he told the students.

"We want to create a society that can keep the backbone straight and function," he said emphasizing that times have changed.

"We've heard of agricultural, industrial, technological revolution. It's about the digital revolution now. Our aim is to create a young generation fitting to the change. Before us we have an era that talks about artificial intelligence. By 2030, the functions of the accountants will be fully taken by technology. There are signs that there will be driverless cars by 2025," the Minister said.

The 2014 budget allocation for education in the country was at just under Rs. 196 billion. We have allocated Rs. 333 billion for education from the 2018 budget. This is how we are working for education," the Minister noted.