Female numbers to LG bodies to be inform soon

The election commission has made arrangements to the number of female members elected to Local Government bodies from each party will be counted and notified to the respective parties very soon.

The Additional Commissioner of election says that this task can be fulfill within this week. 

The General Secretaries of the respective political parties should provide a list of their nominated members to the Elections Commissions on dates notified in the future he further said.

The nominated members should be notified without delay as the names of members appointed from the additional list will also be included in the Gazette notification giving a list of representatives elected on the ward basis.

Earlier it was stated that the 8,325 new members elected to 340 Local Government institutions island wide will assume their duties in their respective local bodies on March 6.

Meanwhile, the political parties which have won a majority of seats but have failed to secure a working majority at LG bodies are facing a dilemma when forming administrations at the relevant LG bodies.

In such LG bodies, both parties and independent groups are negotiating with each other to obtain a working majority.