President launched 'operation tw' on bond scam

President Maithripala Sirisena says that he has instructed the Attorney General, the Director General of the Bribery Commission and other relevant officials to proceed with legal action based on the final report of the Bond Commission. 

He made this announcement during a public meeting of the United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) for the upcoming Local Government election 2018 held in Elpitiya today (17).

The President said that “operation one” on the bond scam was for the commission to carry out an impartial and independent investigation and hand over the report and that he arrived at the UPFA meeting after launching “operation two”.

Sirisena said that he summoned the Attorney General, Director General of the Bribery Commission, Governor of the Central Bank and legal experts to his office today. 

He stated that at the end of the discussion he asked them as to how long it would take to conclude legal action with regard to the charges and how long the entire process would take. 

He added that he issued instruction to them to proceed with necessary steps to recover the stolen money and that he implemented “operation two” today.