Buddha Udanaya

Marvels at the time of Birth of Lord Buddha

The Ministers let the Bodhisatta out of their hands. He stood firmly on the ground and surveyed the ten directions. The Brahmans and Devas exclaimed. “Lord, there is none your equal and there is none superior to you”
The Bodhisatta then took seven steps in the direction of the North and at each step a lotus flower sprang from the earth to serve as a cushion under the foot. Upon taking the seventh step, the Bodhisatta stopped and made a solemn declaration.
“ The highest I am, in the world (Aggohamasmi lokassa)
The senior most I am in the world (Jetthohamasmi lokassa)
The greatest I am in the world ( Settohamasmi lokassa)
This is my last birth , there shall be no rebirth ( Ayamanthima jathi naththidani punabbhawo)”
At this time , there lived in the Isigili hills a Pacceka Buddha named Mathanga. The demi-gods who were on their way to see the Bodhisatta informed the Pacceka Buddha through insight found that his life span had come to an end.
He went forth to the mountain called Mahaprapatha in the Himalaya range where he passed into Nibbana . He was last of the Pacceka Buddhas in this world cycle.

Nilantha Abesinhe
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