Palestine issue - massive protest in Sri Lanka: All parties support

Jerusalattai recognizing Israel's capital to protest the US president announced a massive protest in Sri Lanka peraniyonru (Protest Rally) has been arranged.

All Palestine Friendship systems, all religious leaders, foreign ambassadors, political views, university lecturers' union, artists, together with organizations like the Bar Association of the upcoming 22 th of this rally is organized on Friday evening at 3:30.

The event will be held at the New Town Hall in Colombo "to respect world opinion! East jerusalattai palastinat accept the capital" ( "Respect World Opinion! Accept East Jerusalem as the Capital of Palestine") will be held on the theme.

Meanwhile, above all during the event and signed the resolution carried out in collaboration with partners. This resolution was handed over in September 12.01.2018 on the US Embassy Chargé.

United National Party, the Sri Lanka Freedom Party, the People's Liberation Front, Sri Lanka PA peramuna, the Tamil National Alliance, Sri Lanka Muslim Congress, JHU, the All Ceylon People's Congress, the Communist Party, the Lanka Sama Samaja Party, the parliamentary parties representing the opposition rally combined. The political views of a general purpose set up in Sri Lanka is the first occasion.

A discussion on the protest rally organized yesterday (18) afternoon, held in Colombo hevalok City Club House. In this meeting, Minister Rajitha Senaratne, MP Bimal Ratnayake, Chairman of the National Media Center, Imtiaz Bakeer Markar, the Muslim Council of Sri Lanka, Chairman NM Op. Amin, representatives of other organizations, representatives of business community, journalists, many of the participants.

Meanwhile, the Sri Lankan embassy in Israel jerusalam would change the city, as the capital of Israel jerusalattai Lanka would not accept the results of last week's Cabinet utakaviyalar conference to announce the co Cabinet Spokesperson Minister Rajitha Senaratne during the stance of the Sri Lankan government announced.