Christmas important to strengthen reconciliation among communities - President

President Maithripala Sirisena says the Christmas which deliver the message of peace and love to the world, is a most important occasion to strengthen reconciliation and harmony among different communities.

He made these remarks addressing the State Christmas Festival 2017 held at the Hindu Cultural Center in Trincomalee, recently.

The State Christmas Festival was organized in Trincomalee this year with the aim of sharing the genuine meaning of the Christmas as the citizens living in the same country.

The President further stated that the light of humanity always dawns with the Christmas.

The President pointed out that the objective of Christmas is to give life to underprivileged people and all of us have the responsibility in this regard.

The President requested everybody use the spirit of this Christmas to join hands with the government in the process of building reconciliation among all the different communities without allowing any room to recurrence of war and for the benefit of the future of this country the peace and reconciliation should be strengthen among the communities.

The President conveyed his greetings to all Christian devotees who are preparing to commemorate the Christmas.

The State Christmas Festival was colourful with various items including carol singings. The President also presented awards and certificates to the winners of the competitions organized in parallel to the State Christmas Festival.