RS 460 million to eradicate Rabies in 2017

The government has allocated Rs 460 million this year to eradicate Rabies while steps are being taken to eradicate it from the country by 2030, said Minister of Rural Economy P. Harrison.

He made these comments at the International Rabies day celebration held at the Veterinary Office in Anuradhapura.

The minister said that the government is giving all support to eradicate Rabies. According to information, there are over 600,000 street dogs which is an issue and reducing the dog population is not an issue for the environment, said Minister Harrison.

Answering a question by a journalist he said that there is a price increase in the world market for gas and at a time Rs. 110 has been increased there is no justice in increasing the price of a packet of rice and when the price of gas was reduced they did not reduce the price of a packet of rice or a cup of tea, said the minister.