100 acres of land for people of Nelungama

There are 100 farmer families in Nelumgama and each family will receive one acre of land.

The main problem faced by the people is the shortage of water for drinking and cultivation. Therefore, the government has to give Rs 20,000 as aid for each family every season.

Their main request is to sort the problem of water. Now a accelerated project has been implemented to provide them water using the  Maankulama tank, which is being developed at the moment while a separate project to provide water upto Nelumgama is also underway. The amount of money spent by the government for this project is Rs seven million.  

State Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources Management Palitha Range Bandara said that the project will be completed within the next three months and assured that steps will be taken to develop Nelungama as a Farmer village in the future.