District Secretaries briefed on National Food Production Program - President

President Maithripala Sirisena emphasizes that every District Secretary should be committed to make the National Food Production Program which is to commence on 6th October successful at district level.

The President stated that the relevant circulars have been issued to inform the responsibilities at institutional level. He added that all government officers and politicians should be committed to make this successful, considering it as their responsibility towards the future of the nation.

The President was speaking at the District Secretaries’ Summit – 2017, organized by the Ministry of Home Affairs, held on 26th September at Miloda Institute in Colombo.

Speaking further, the President said the government implemented this program to strengthen the people’s economy and the national economy by making a transformation in the agricultural sector which has faced many problems throughout the last one and half years due to the drought and floods.

President Sirisena said every district should implement a program related to national food production during the National Agricultural Week from 6th- 11th October.

The President made the District Secretaries knowledgeable about the implementation of the National Food Production Program.

Minister of Home affairs Vajira Abeywardena also spoke at this event.