Trains for fuel transport

Minister of Petroleum Resources Development Arjuna Ranatunga said that he plans to use trains for fuel transport - which is more profitable than using bowsers for transporting of fuel.


He made these comments during an observation tour of the Central Province regional office of the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation. The minister said that steps are being taken to expand the regional fuel storage complexes and as the first step it is planned to expand the Peradeniya fuel storage complex.   

Minister Ranatunga said that he is taking all steps to make the Petroleum Corporation profitable but it is very difficult since they give a lot of concessions to the public. Therefore, he said that they are first trying to minimize the loss by cutting the unnecessary expenditure. From the minister we have started to cut the unnecessary expenditure. It will be done at the top level and not from the employees but the major responsibility of saving this institution lies on the employees.