Well planned program to control Cancer

Chief Government Whip, Minister Gayantha Karunathilaka said that the government has a well planned program to control Cancer.


Minister made these comments answering a question for oral answers by MP Buddhika Pathirana.


Answering on behalf of the Health Minister, Minister Karunathilaka said that breast cancer, womb cancers, lip and oral cancers are the most prevalent in our country.


Treatment is being done district wise and during the period 2012 - 2017 the government has spent Rs 1,441million, Rs 1,737 million, Rs 1,757 million, Rs 1,626 million and Rs 8,528 million respectively.


In addition the government has taken many measures to control cancer which includes increase of tobacco and alcohol taxes, introducing pictorial warnings in cigarette packets, prohibiting the import, distribution, sales of chewing tobacco, introducing a code system for soft drinks, conducting awareness seminars for school children and teachers as well conducting of mobile clinics and organizing of awareness seminars in villages are some of the steps taken by the government to control Cancer, said the Minister.