New garment factories to start in several Divisional Secretariats of Anuradhapura

State Minister Duminda Dissanayake has drawn his attention to starting garment factories covering several divisional secretariats of Anuradhapura District as a solution to the unemployment issue of the youth of Anuradhapura.


Accordingly, he visited the Thirappane Garment Factory and held a discussion with its employees.

Even though the garment industry makes a contribution to the economy of the country, only a few garments are situated in Anuradhapura, making a large number of young people work outside the district. The State Minister further stresses that many more are unemployed as they are unable to work far away from their hometown. Therefore, as a solution to all these matters, together with the assistance of the private sector these garment factories will be established in Anuradhapura.

In addition, the Minister affirms establishment of these garments would provide employment for the abundance of the labor force throughout the district and strengthen their economy while gaining their contribution to boosting the Sri Lankan economy in return.

Accordingly, the support of the government will be given to the investors through the Ministry of Industry to establish new garment factories, renovate the existing factories, and reopen the closed factories in Anuradhapura.

Likewise, the Minister confirms the preliminary work required to start new garment factories in several Divisional Secretariats has already commenced.