Laws to cultivate private lands which are not cultivated - President

President Maithripala Sirisena says a gazette notification will be issued under existing laws to give all private lands which are not cultivated to those who are willing to cultivate them.


He said all government lands also will be cultivated in relation to this program.


He said that decision will be taken under the ‘Vaga Sangramaya’ program to be launched next month to increase the food production by bringing the drought affected lands to normal conditions.


The President was speaking at the occasion to vest the new Pradeshiya Sabha building in Dimbulagala with people on 9th September.


He said the government is taking all these decisions to save the people of the country from poverty, strengthen the national economy and to build a prosperous country for future generations.


The President said it is a balanced development that the government is carrying out, related to all sectors including education, health and social welfare. “The plan of the current government includes a development which will be shared among all”, he said.


“I don’t have a policy to inquire about the political party of the people when they seek solutions for the problems. I will provide solutions for the problems when fulfilling the people’s requirements”, the President stated. He said the people of Polonnaruwa voted for him without any division of the political parties or colours. He added he would fairly provide the opportunities of development to all, without any political divisions.


“The responsibility of the current government is not to pay attention on the undue allegations and criticisms of the political rivals in this democracy ensured by the government, but to fulfill our responsibility.”


The Pradeshiya Sabha building which has all facilities has been built at a cost of Rs.7, 000, 000, with the objective of performing rural administrative work strongly and efficiently.