PM Ranil Visited New Zealand Fonterra Dairy Factory

Hon.Ranil and his team visited the New Zealand Fonterra Dairy Factory situated in the city of Hamilton yesterday, in order to monitor the practical background of employing modern technology and machinery in the production of milk.

Fonterra – which is the World’s largest supplier of milk, is a co-operative owned by over 10, 500 farming families.

Fonterra produces over 22 billion liters of milk – 18 billion which is sourced from New Zealand, and the remaining 4 billion from other Nations. The Fonterra Company owns the largest industrial plant which produces 200,000 liters of milk per day.

After concluding the observation of the Fonterra factory, His Team and him visited the farm of Fonterra's Chairman – Mr. John Wilson.

During this observation tour, They focused their attention on avenues which they could explore in order to provide the Sri Lankan Dairy Farmers with a higher income through increased dairy production by utilizing modern technology.