Issue guidelines for handling bodies of COVID-19 victims - GMOA

The Ministry of Health should issue a series of guidelines to health professionals on how to deal with the bodies of COVID-19 victims who die at home, says the Government Medical Officers’ Association.
The Editor of the Association, Dr. Haritha Aluthge, says that the decision to carry out PCR tests on persons who pass away at homes is a good situation.
“As a precautionary measure after a death, it is a good idea to confirm whether or not the deceased had been infected with COVID-19 or not.
We request guidelines as to how health workers should operate in such a case. Because some health professionals face a number of practical issues. How to carry out PCR tests after a death at home, how to handle the body until the PCR report arrives. There are a number of issues like this. We need to move forward by controlling the spread of the virus through COVID-19 infected corpses.”