Over 250,000 PCR tests carried out in Sri Lanka

Over 250,000 PCR tests have been carried out in Sri Lanka for the detection of COVID-19 infection, states the National Operation Centre for Prevention of COVID-19 Outbreak (NOCPCO).
Within yesterday (September15), 1810 PCR tests have been carried out across the country.
Accordingly, a total of 257,477 PCR tests have been carried out in the country to date.
Meanwhile, NOCPCO said that a total of 41,192 individuals have been sent back home after quarantining, by this morning (16).
Within today (September 16), 224 quarantined individuals after PCR tests are set to leave for their homes.
Among them, 07 persons are from Boossa Quarantine Center (QC), 11 from Ceylon Lodge QC, 79 from Hotel Mandaram, one from Ayurveda QC, 11 persons from Fresco Water Villa QC, 01 from Hotel Kaya Beach QC, 05 from Biyagama Village Hotel QC, 51 persons from Punani QC and 58 persons from Periyakadu QC.
Currently, 6255 persons in 59 tri-service-managed QCs are still in quarantine, NOCPCO said.
Meanwhile, 11 positive COVID-19 cases, all expatriates, left hospitals after full recovery early this morning.
Accordingly, 638 individuals, associated with the Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre for Drug Addicts at Kandakadu have left so far after recovery.
Only a total of 11 infected persons, connected to the Rehabilitation Centre are still under treatment, NOCPCO added.