I don't blame students for activities of politically indecent groups - President Maithripala

President Maithripala Sirisena says some politically indecent groups are trying to show the country that the government is acting to emasculate the free education by depriving the opportunities of the students of the medical faculties in government universities.

“They are misleading the university students. I don’t blame any university student for the actions of those who conspire to use students as tools. These are done by undisciplined political groups”, he said.

The President was speaking at a ceremony held yesterday (22ndJune) at Lankapura Maha Vidyalaya, Polonnaruwa.

He pointed out that nearly 250,000 students sit the A/L examination annually and of them 90,000 are eligible for university education but university admission is offered only for 25,000 students.

“To make the dreams of the rest of the students a reality, state universities as well as private universities with higher standards should be established. We cannot limit the educational rights of any child at any time in the country”, he said.

The President stated that nearly 80,000 people are going abroad for higher education annually. He said it is a matter to be worried that the children of low-income families are going abroad for education by finding money through pawning their houses and lands.

“The government has taken the policy decision that the private sector university or educational institute should provide education according to the rules recognized by the government” he said.

The President vested the new two storied building of Vijitha Primary School in Pulathisigama with students.