Donít give prominence for suicides - NCPA requests media

National Child Protection Authority (NCPA) requests mass and the social media not to give publicity for incidents of suicide of children and youth.

It said, giving an unnecessary publicity to incidents such as children or youth ending their lives on the rail track promotes such tragedies in the society. “It also incites the people who are in stress themselves to commit suicide.”


Issuing a statement, the NCPA said that already there is a Counseling service in the country to assist persons with mental difficulties. A large number of public and private sector institutions are in operation in this sector.


In addition, the psycho-social unit of the NCPA will also assist children under 18 to solve the issues, which affect them mentally. The district and the divisional officers of the authority will also extend any support required in this regard.


Further, the Authority requests all the children to seek counseling support if they have any issues, without ending their lives.