President instructs to expedite building houses for disaster victims

President Maithripala Sirisena has given instructions to the officials to expedite the program to build new houses for the affected people in the recent disastrous situation.

Furthermore, the President said that five billion rupees from the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, which is under the purview of the President will be donated for this program.


The Cabinet approval was received to pay a monthly rental of Rs. 7,500 for three months for the families whose houses were fully destroyed, to live elsewhere until their houses are rebuilt.


The President gave these instructions participating in a progress review meeting of the Post Disaster Management, held at the Presidential Secretariat, yesterday (13th June).


The District Secretaries of the affected areas including Rathnapura, Kalutara, Galle, Matara, Hambantota, Gampaha and Colombo participated at this meeting and expressed their views in detail regarding the relief measures carried out in the respective districts.


Presently, the Government is in the process of obtaining valuation reports on damaged properties and institutions as well as identifying suitable lands to resettle the people.


The President also said that if there is a shortage of valuation officers, to get them through the line ministries and the Ministry of Local Government.


The President inquired about the programs carried out to renovate the schools and to restore the education of the children, and instructed the officials to give priority to reconstruct schools, hospitals and houses in the process of the infrastructure development.


President Sirisena also emphasized that the distribution of foreign aid received to assist the victims should be done in a comprehensive and transparent manner and said that people should be aware of how these donations were distributed among them and pointed out the importance of maintaining a report in this regard by the Ministry of Disaster Management.


During this meeting, it was discussed in detail regarding giving  compensation for the cultivated lands and small-scale enterprises, restoration of infrastructure facilities including electricity, drinking water, roads, waste management, protecting the health of the public and preparing a plan at regional levels for Disaster Management.  


Prime Minister RanilWickramasinghe, Ministers, Secretaries, Tri-Forces Commanders, IGP, and senior security officers participated at this meeting.