USS 'Lake Erie' arrives at the Port of Colombo

A guided-missile cruiser of the United States Navy, USS ‘Lake Erie’ arrived at the Port of Colombo on a post relief mission 11th of June.

Upon its arrival the ship was ceremonially welcomed by the Sri Lanka Navy in accordance with naval traditions. Captain Operations Department (COD-West) Captain MSK Mahawatte was also present on the occasion. Captain Darren McPherson is at the wheel of ‘Lake Erie’ as its Commanding Officer.


During its 14 day visit in the country, over 360 crew of USS Lake Erie is expected to engage in a number of post relief mission in flood and landslide affected regions in the country.


Accordingly, several training engagements and HA/DR drills are scheduled to be executed in a bid to withstand a disaster situation.  The ship is due to set sail from the Colombo harbour on 25th June, on completion of a series of post relief missions.