President visits affected areas in Kalutara District

President Maithripala Sirisena yesterday (5th June) made an inspection tour in Bulathsinhala, Yatagampitiya, and Nagahadola areas in the Kalutara district, which were affected by recent floods and landslides.

The President inquired about the damaged houses and properties and also joined in a Shramadana Campaign organized by the Ministry of Environment in parallel to the World Environment Day.This Shramadana Campaign carried out with the participation of the members of the Army and the Chinese relief teams.


The people living in the Nagahadola had to face this flood situation as a result of the blocking of the Nagahadola river due to the Pahiyangala Mountain landslide and the President after observing this place instructed the District Secretary to submit a report in this regard to him.


Furthermore, the President instructed the officials to submit a report on the cleaning of the obstructions of the Nagahadola river, which was clogged due to the landslide soil.


President Sirisena has given instructions to the officials to implement a special program for the benefit of the affected school children in the area and advised the District Secretary to continually look into the health care and other necessities of the people and school children in the area.


Currently, required lands to build the houses which were fully destroyed have been identified and the President told to expedite the resettlement process of the affected people after carrying out a proper feasibility study.


Later, the President also joined in a program to distribute material goods to the affected people held at the Yatagampitiya Primary School.