Prime Minister's World Environment Day message

message is as following

Environment Day Message

Today we are facing the consequences of neglecting Mother Nature as well as the detrimental effects our daily lifestyle has on the environment. Unfortunately, the recognition once held by Sri Lanka as a hot spot of rich biodiversity in the world has been losing its credit for the extensive damage caused to the environment.

It is imperative that we acknowledge that what we do in the present will have an immense impact on our future. Unless we take precautions to conserve the environment - which leads to the peaceful human existence of the universe - it is undeniable that our continuous inaction will create a hazardous future.

On the occasion of today’s World Environment Day, l encourage my fellow Sri Lankan's to include sustainable means of living standards into their day-to-day lives. Creating awareness on this matter should not be highlighted merely on this day, but should go beyond it.

Rani Wickremesinhe
Prime Minister