PM directs Secretary to implement interim report recommendations

Prime Minister Ranil Wicremesinghe yesterday directed the Prime Minister’s Secretary to implement the recommendations of the interim report on the damages caused by the deadly floods and landslides in the country.

The premier has also instructed the Prime Minister’s secretary to initiate discussions with international funding agencies to secure additional funds for the implementation of interim report recommendations.


Prime Minister has ordered the Central Bank of Sri Lanka and National Policy and Economic Affairs ministry, the formulation of a full report with the objective of reviving the economic activities of the people who were affected by the disaster, a release issued by the Prime Minister’s office said yesterday.


The interim report was handed over to the Prime Minister’s Secretary Saman Ekanayake yesterday. Ekanayake apprised the summary of the interim report and its recommendations to the prime minister over the phone. A committee headed by National Policy and Economic Affairs Ministry Secretary has been appointed to revive economic activities of the flood hit people, on the instructions of Prime Minister.