Rio Olympic to be categorized as a disaster

Everyone was thrilled that Olympic Games in 2016 was going to be held in a place with Sun, Sand and Sea. However, it proved to be a disaster due to many small and big chaotic situations which could’ve been totally avoided with a good prior Co-ordination. The co-ordination is said to be one of the worst cases as Athletes claim that the some drug testing areas were unattended due to the facts that the volunteers who were used in these situation didn’t have the proper training.

There have numerous successful and unsuccessful attempts on travelers who are unaware of the economic situation of Brazil. The videos of taken from foreigner show kids and some young adults trying to snatch a purse or something they are holding in order for their survival. This is not the only case as athletes reported that their bags were missing and their sports equipment were lost which affected their performance and mindset.

The crowd has been less pleasing with their public acts as they have done various acts to stop, hurt or disturb sports personal. Their first attempt was to put out the Olympic flame which has been travelling throughout their country. And then, media personnel were attacked when they were travelling and journalists were hurt. After that they intentionally booed Renaud Lavillenie when the results didn’t seems to be in their favor making him lose the gold medal.

When considering the overall performance by the Brazilian government, Rio Olympics doesn’t will be remembered (not the worst but) as one of the worst games held in history.