'Yen' Visual Art exhibition - 2017

This art exhibition is an effort of Kasun Darshana and Indrachapa Ruhunage, which is primarily based on a tiresome experimental work done throughout a three years of time. It was held at Harold Peries Gallery, Colombo 07 on 2nd, 3rd and 4th of July in 2017 under the theme “YEN”. The totality of this experimental pursuit of artistry is contextualized by the scholarly experimental endeavor by these two artists. They both represent the fraternity of “Anonymous entry”, an alternative platform being newly developed for the experimental art. This is its third attempt to bring forward experimental art experience. “Anonymous entry” is vigilant in generating innovative knowledge and contributing that perceptively for the visual art history of Sri Lanka. Thus, it becomes the dictum of this fraternity.
For this artistic pursuit to take hold of the meaning of the common theme (YEN), the artists have used two different mediums (oil and acrylic) with two different frames of references. Indrachapa’s brush strokes generates the picturesque reality of the mentality of modern day women who are yearning with dying crazy to fashionably and physically enhance their breasts to keep them more comfortable. While kasun’s brush stroke the lonesome and alienated souls of the humans dumped by themselves in the animal soup of the capitalist madness for failing to satisfy the burning mind for the craze of money and its worldly promises.