'Don't be like Hitler & bypass constitution with elections' - Ranil

UNP leader - Ranil Wickremesinghe has urged that the UNF is prepared to go for elections and they are 'not afraid of elections.'
Speaking from Temple Trees, he said, 'As far as the elections are concerned, However, we have only two concerns. We are not afraid of elections. First, it must be a lawful government. And only the UNF and I can command that majority. Secondly, all the parties must come to a consensus on the date of elections,' he said.
'Those who talk of having elections without according to the constitution are people who don't want elections. They are hiding under the cover of elections to try and hang on to the office...'
'All of us who are here in government, has taken an oath to defend the constitution. So we want them to defend the constitution... Follow the constitution. Don't be like Hitler and some of the other dictators who used the referendum,' he added.