Parakrama Samudraya, Victoria and Randenigala reach spill level

Water level of the Parakrama Samudraya has risen with the heavy rainfall affecting Polonnaruwa district.
Accordingly, eight out of ten sluice gates of the tank have been opened by 4 feet each while the other two gates have been opened by 2 feet.
The decision has been made by the irrigation engineer overlooking the Parakrama Samudraya.
As a result, a water capacity of 4450 cubic feet per second is released to the Mahaweli River through the ten of the sluice gates.
Irrigation Engineer Asela Udayanga urged the public to practice caution when using Mahaweli River.
If the rainy condition increases, the sluice gates will have be opened even further, he stated.
Meanwhile, sluice gates of the Victoria reservoir have been opened automatically for the 4th time at 7 am this morning (06). This has been a result of the heavy rainfall in the central highlands since last night (05).
Engineer overlooking the Randenigala reservoir stated that the water level of the reservoir rapidly rising as the water departing the Victoria reservoir gathers at the Randenigala reservoir.
Under this condition, Randenigala reservoir, too, will reach spill level in a few hours and public near Mahaweli River below the Randenigala reservoir are requested take precautions, stated the engineer.