Galle Dialogue International Maritime Conference - 2018 to begin on 22nd in Colombo

Galle Dialogue 2018; the International Maritime Conference organized by the Sri Lanka Navy under the auspices of the Ministry of Defence, is all set to begin in Colombo on 22nd October 2018. This International Maritime Conference is sequentially the 9th edition of this mega event which is scheduled to be held over two days (22nd and 23rd October) at the Galle Face Hotel, Colombo, under the theme ‘Synergizing for Collaborative Maritime Management’.

World-wide maritime partners from 50 countries and 17 international organizations are expected to make their presence in this year’s event at the invitation of the Sri Lanka Navy. The President, His Excellency Maithripala Sirisena who is the Chief Guest of the conference will also deliver the opening address. Galle Dialogue 2018 expects to attract an audience of 140 foreign participants, including 03 navy chiefs. Apart from that, some of the local and foreign distinguished scholars will present their papers in line with the conference theme.

The ocean has an abundance of resources which could offer a wide range of opportunities for prosperity. As such, an international maritime conference of this magnitude would provide a general forum for discussion of proper utilization of aforementioned resources, exploitation of them in the best interest of every nation, abundance of resources and their impact on regional security, resources for the economic sustainability, its contribution to the world peace and the significance of strengthening bilateral and multilateral partnerships among countries. Further, this unique dialogue organized under the patronage of the Ministry of Defence will be an ideal platform to discuss common issues pertinent to the navies around the world and share their hard-earned experience among each other. Sri Lanka Navy has given a top priority to the Galle Dialogue International Maritime Conference as it has become a forum for discourses of intellectual, regional and global significance over the years.

Under the visionary leadership of His Excellency the President an added impetus and confidence have received to conduct this conference for the 9th consecutive year and Sri Lanka Navy under the able guidance of Commander of the Navy, Vice Admiral Sirimevan Ranasinghe cruise full steam ahead whilst underlining the importance of addressing the contemporary issues mushroomed in the maritime fraternity.

It is in this context, that this year’s Galle Dialogue theme ‘Synergizing for Collaborative Maritime Management’ has been articulated with the notion that the participants will confer ways and means to augment a collaborative managerial framework with better understanding and sharing opportunities for the common good of mankind.

Please visit the official website for the latest updates of the Galle Dialogue 2018 and the conference is scheduled to be live-streamed on the website from 22nd to 23rd October.