The most expensive car in the world

Most people are fond of cars, especially luxury cars. It looks really good and it serves as a society symbols for the elite. You can’t find the richest man in the world driving a beat truck, right? Those who can afford would buy the Maybach Exelero. This is considered as the most expensive luxury car in the whole world. Just imagine riding that beautiful piece of art.

This whopping 8,000,000 dollar worth car really makes a statement with its sleek black exterior and its red and black carbon fiber finished interior. The color black gives it a Gotham city like and futuristic feel. Apart from its awesome exterior, the car sports a 700 horse power engine and can go up to speeds of 218 mph. By the shape of its hood up to its trunk, the car seems to be really aerodynamic.

This is really a car enthusiast dream car. Every single ounce of this vehicle is beautiful and carefully handcrafted to perfection.